DPT group is the integrated end-to-end connectivity solutions provider in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia. Our enterprise services are
targeted to high end Enterprise and Corporate bodies that require end-to-end network solutions. We design and develop customised Network
Connectivity Solutions that connect your critical business systems and offer a seamless exchange of data via virtual private networks (VPN) or
over the internet whichever suits the particular requirement.

Business critical enterprise applications such as Banking Applications connecting number of Branches, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),
Supply-Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are driving the need to connect various offices across the
country. Given the large volumes of network traffic and an increasing trend towards convergence in voice, video and data on IP networks,
enterprises require high quality, high performance bandwidth solutions from a trusted service provider.

DPT End to End Solutions, are designed to meet the IP Connectivity need of the Enterprise.

• We are a Regional organization to ensure customer proximity,
• We have a Solutions group - to construct superior solutions,
• Our Projects team ensures top class execution of a solution, and
• We provide high quality post-implementation support through our Customer Services team.

DPT services are backed up by world class infrastructure and the operation centers which work 24x7x365.
DPTís extensive experience in running mission critical, high availability network and data services using state-of-the-art technologies mean that
your network is in safe hands.
Trust is all that matters
networking is easy
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